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10 Million Businesses in The US

Our database of businesses covers virtually every industry and location in the United States.
Our lists are not only one of the most comprehensive on the market but are “cleaned” regularly. This means that you’re getting targeted businesses that are still in business and viable leads. Our easy-to-navigate online tool allows you to check what type of business you want to reach by either searching for the general industry or the category of the industry you want to target.

You can then dive deeper into the sub-niche that you want to reach. This allows you to target exactly the type of business you want to market to. You can also access industries by location—and even check surrounding counties and cities for similar businesses. You’re then able to easily export your leads in a variety of files including CSV, XSL and other formats.

Instant Quote

With our simple online tool, you’ll be able to get a quote in an instant. Say goodbye to other business lead sites where you have to put in a request by chat or email and then wait for the company to contact you. Then, you’ll either need to talk to a salesperson who will try to sell you more information than you need or go back and forth with them in an endless email exchange. The whole process is a hassle and wastes valuable time you could be spending on other aspects of your business.

With our tool, you simply input what you’re looking for with a few simple clicks and get an instant quote. No waiting and no hassle. And most importantly, no having to engage with a salesperson trying to sell you something you don’t want or need. You get the quote you need in real time—instantly!

No-Nonsense Pricing

With B2BLeads, you no longer have to tolerate hidden fees or crazy minimums that many of the B2B list sites offer. You know how it goes, they say a lead cost X—but only if it’s in a certain industry or niche. Another way some of these companies confuse you is by charging different rates depending on the data. They charge one price for physical address and another price for an email address. The most frustrating thing is when they try to make you buy a certain minimum of leads before you’re even allowed to purchase!

With our no-nonsense pricing you pay a straight $.29 per lead—with no minimums and no hidden fees. Our online tool not only allows you to pick the businesses you want by industry, category and location, but also shows you the total price instantly.

User-Friendly Search Tool

We designed our online search tool to be smooth and easy for virtually anyone to use. We know people just want to go to one page to get the information they need. They don’t want to have to browse endlessly while being directed to page after page of information. We recognize that people today want ease of use and convenience when using online forms and tools. They also want the information they’re searching for immediately. People are busy and in business, time is money.

That’s why we built the tool the way we did. Our search tool is all on one page, allows you to easily find what businesses you’re looking for, and calculates the price for the total number of businesses you pick—immediately. You can get all the information you need with our tool before you buy—and without having to deal with a salesperson.


I found B2BLead's search tool extremely easy to use.

The industry I market to is very specific and my company markets to them by first sending an email, then a follow-up phone call followed by an in-person visit. Being able to buy a list for a particular location makes my job much easier. Thank you!

Iwan Rheon Bill P.
I love that the search tool is all on one page

And the way I’m able to get laser-focused with targeting in my niche because of this tool, makes my life so much easier. I also really like the single price per lead. And the fact that there are no hidden fees makes planning my marketing budget so much easier from month to month. I highly recommend them!

Bret Calvey John R.
I’ve used B2BLeads for a couple of marketing campaigns now

I’ve used other B2B list companies in the past but I’ve got to say, their search tool is like no other. Not only is it easy to use, but it calculates my cost in real-time right on the site and I don’t have to deal with a salesperson calling or emailing me. Extremely convenient!

Iwan Rheon Steve J.
Thank you b2bleads
It’s the best service in the world!

I love that I was able to check out my prospect’s Facebook page after buying a list from you. It really gave me insight into how they do things. I was then able to target my marketing specifically to make an impact with them. You’re miles ahead of any other B2B list company—-and I’ve used quite a few of them in my time.

Bret Calvey Kevin C.